Be Seen Portland

Telling Stories

with purpose


So many good causes

Let's shine light on the real P-Town. Honor the people giving themselves to something greater. Especially those who cannot afford to hire a professional photographer to further their message. 

Woven into each story are themes of humanity and pursuit

Every story advances something meaningful.

The Photographer

Harry apelbaum


Sharing Voice

My utmost purpose with Be Seen Portland is to give voice to Portlanders devoting themselves to something meaningful. All images taken are donated to the people behind the stories, so they can further their cause through impactful media messaging. I hope you find enjoyment & inspiration here - that the photographs and stories tap into a part of you that is raw, reflective, and human. It is the relationships we build that define us most.

Get involved

Please connect with me and become part of this journey. If you have questions, ask them. If you have an idea, share it. Thank you for checking out the site, and please sign up for the listserve below and connect with me @beseenportland. There is strength in community.